Personalised, Lasting Wellness for Your Company. 


Representation should be at the forefront of every company.

Your wellbeing shouldn’t be compromised because of work commitments.

We are solving the problem of the lack of representation for creatives, corporations and female founders

We work with schools, corporate and community organisations to provide mental health support, wellbeing training and refreshed, happier and healthier environment for people to  work in.

Corporate Wellbeing

In a Meeting

We encourage mindset growth for both the employer and employee, creating a much healthier, positive working environment.


We will help your business stand out through mindset resilience.


We deliver a range of workshops for staff, parents and pupils introducing the theory of growth mindset, how to embed it in practice, provide support to parents and engage with pupils, particularly those who face many challenges in their education.

School Wellbeing

Esta takes an innovative approach on how to welcome and maintain positive conversations around self respect and relationships. The main focuses would be as follows; values and expectations from relationships, how to spot red flags in relationships, the current perception of gender roles, (through cultural and individual views) and finally staying safe over social media. We have worksheets and other resources to help bring the classes to life.

Students Raising Hands In Classroom

Community Wellbeing


Female Magik's foundation is from community and social enterprise work. We pride ourselves in giving back to  margenalised communities, providing courses and workshops when needed. 

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