5 Tips for Creating Your Own Event

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Create an event that works for you and allows your passion to come to light


It's great to want to create an event and its great to have good intentions for yoi event, but have you thought through everything that goes into having you event? In order to have a clear idea for your event, you need to know the following:

  • What is my event goal?

  • Who will my event benefit?

  • Where do I want to hold the event and why?

  • How many People do I want - does the event space hold that many?

  • Will it be a paid or unpaid event

There are many more things to consider, however make sure you have those questions answered before you start sharing your idea so you can have a clear idea without anyone swaying your vision.


This is one of the most important things to be aware of when creating an event as the space you chose will represent your event. Saying this, you should never feel under pressure to have the best of the best. The best event spaces you can use are the ones that are more like a blank canvas so you are able to create your own twist and individuality on it where needed.

Your event space always needs to be able to fit the number of people you want pluss your team, I tend to add on an extra 10-15 people when doing this just to be sure.


Create an event is always harder than it seems, mainly because you will come across things you've never dealt with! To do it all by your self is bold but very risky. The plus side is there are many people who are also starting out in their career department so being truthful, open and honest, you may be able to create a team who support your vision but this is why you need to have a clear vision as you don't want to mislead or confuse others.


Events can be put on for free or with a paid ticket, thats done to you. If you are struggling to decide which one you want, list all your possible outgoings from the event. Don't feel under pressure when deciding, do what you feel is right.


Things always pop up on the day and you don't want anything to go wrong. The day should be as stress-free as possible so what i tend to do is write an on the day checklist through out the process. i then try and tick as many as I can off before the actual event so on the day there are just minor things that need doing, also if anything goes wrong, you have time to sort out the madness! #stressfree

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