Work With Esta

Hey everyone, Esta here! 

Before you consider whether I can help you, let me tell you a little more about myself and my journey.

I lost my father as a young child and was never taught how to grieve. This caused me to go very inward and self destruct as I didn't know how to handle my feelings and emotions. 

During my teenage years I suffered a lot with depression and anxiety, causing me to live many of my teenage years in the "land of the lost people". I was going down a road that weren't serving me at all. I was the whole cliche; bad friends, bad habits, taking jobs with no purpose and incredibly unhappy. 

After my first son, I began my journey of self discovery and started to heal myself from the inside out. I was able to learn what made me 'tick', what to avoid and how to create boundaries in order to create space for me to grow. I have grown in ways I never thought were possible and have created a life for myself that I am so grateful for. This is what I will do for you.

I began coaching professionally as I realised I was doing it on a daily basis for the Female Magik Community and love helping women grow and glow through their current problems. All of the courses and services that I provide uses the tools that I used on myself and personalise them to cater to each and every individual that wants to work with me. 

I love to see women strive for success and find abundance, as I hate seeing women waste their lives due to past trauma and limiting beliefs.