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I’m assuming you’re here because you’re ready to upgrade your life through mindset growth? 

We prioritise building a bridge between yourself and your desired goal;

Whether it's a teacher - student relationship,

manager - employee, or an individual who is ready to take a leap of faith, we got you!🏆

Every client we work with is given multilayered feedback in order to accomplish the desired goal that is agreed before starting the sessions.  

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"I went to the Female Magik Well-being Brunch and i couldn’t recommend it more!! At the event, there were a bunch of lovely ladies who were so so sweet and so kind to everyone and made everyone feel welcome! During the day we did so many different activities which were so incredible and made the day even better! Would highly recommend FemaleMagik’s workshops and events to everyone!!"


At our core, we are passionate about encouraging millennials to prioritise their wellbeing, as we believe authentic self care and accountability go hand in hand with becoming successful.


Our workshops are catered to all who are wanting to experience new ways of self care and wellness. 

Our events are personalised to our clients desires. Through our experience, we are able to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for women to feel comfortable to come as a group or by themselves. 

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We share the voices of women globally, touching on sensitive topics that can help reshape the mindset of how we perceive ourselves and the world we live in. 

Our training services offer innovative thinking and practices. Our main focuses are unconscious bias, Diversity and inclusion and ESG.


Helping you reshape the perception of your life to create a positive one that YOU are in control of.

This is for women who are currently struggling to see a positive future for themselves, lacking self worth and confidence. 

By working with Esta, you will:

💫Gain tools and techniques to heal yourself at your own pace.

💫Reclaim your personal power & learn how to use it to your advantage. 

💫Learn your own patterns of behaviour and triggers. 

💫 Let go of current negative belief systems.

💫Reclaim your self worth and confidence. 

💫Reshape the perception of your life and create a positive one that YOU are in control of.

Esta will walk alongside you as a trusted companion as you uncover and tap into your clarity, creativity and confidence so that you can make the changes you want to make with renewed courage, energy and motivation.



For teens who need a little more  magik in their lives.


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the group work you did with some of our year 8’s. They have all got something out of the group and have given brilliant feedback, with some of them asking if they can help create an after school girls club to continue learning from and supporting each other."

- Kim Potter, Student Counsellor

Esta has developed a 6-12 week program that focuses on uplifting and celebrating young girls. 

The program aims to teach girls how to raise their self worth, confidence and mindset. It has been tried and tested in schools and teachers saw real results! 

This program is suitable for schools and organisations that work with young people. 


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