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Our aim is to give a platform to all women, with a spotlight on women of colour, to share their individual inspiring journeys. Whether it's through our podcast, social media platforms or events, we provide resources and opportunities to connect like minded women and ensure success in personal growth and job security. 


At our core, we are passionate about encouraging millennials to prioritise their wellbeing. We believe selfcare and love goes hand in hand with becoming successful! 

After completing her degree in Broadcast Media Technologies, Esta realised there was a massive lack of job opportunities for women, even more so for women of colour in Leeds, UK. After endless trips to London, attending workshops and events, it became apparent that The North of England, especially Leeds is underrated and easily forgotten about when it comes to talented and skilful people. 

We're a community wellbeing brand that focuses on heightening the voices of women in the North of England.

Esta is a broadcast journalist and mindset coach. Esta puts a lot of energy into giving back to her community and women who are in need of creating a new life for themselves. 

Her passion is presenting and producing stories that take audiences out of their comfort zones.

Esta and has over four years of experience in broadcast newsrooms, live television and studio production.​ As comfortable on the red carpet as she is covering festivals or local community news, Esta has a passion for creating engaging video content, from gritty political issues to entertainment news and motivational figures. In front of the camera, Esta has presented on the red carpet at the MOBOs and the ARIAS Radio


During lockdown, Esta decided to use her own experiences and knowledge and put her energy into becoming a mindset coach, focusing on women who have suffered from trauma and helping them get back on track with their lives. 


Trust your intuition and success will follow.

Saph is a mother of 2, entrepreneur, singer songwriter and all round creative! Living in a world where we 

show off our best lives, Saph is passionate about representing what real living looks like, as a young mixed race woman navigating her way through life and as a mother. Her aims are to inspire people to be their unique self and contribute in bringing around positive change for our society.


Although she's someone who loves to dabble in everything, her background is consistent in community building and events. She has experience in community outreach in church spaces but also with volunteering in council lead groups and events such as; the MVP Leeds (Maternity Voices Partnership), the TPPT (Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Team) and Baby Week.


At Female Magik Saphire is at the forefront of managing the brand, planning and co-ordinating events, designing resources and products and leading workshops. 

Operations Manager
Authenticity and vulnerability are a
strength we'll never stop seeking support from. Feel empowered and be YOU.


Lorenz is our Content Adviser. With her background in graphic design her passion is everything creative and fashion. Lorenz is always on hand to connect the dots to make sure that Female Magik is always speaking about current affairs and assisting with some of our events. 


Content Advisor
Positivity, always.