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Entrepreneur, 5 Star rated podcast, mum and motivational speaker

Esta is the founder of Female Magik initially created to highlight the different ways of self-healing that is available when dealing with a negative state of mind. After endless trips to London where she attended many female-led events, it became apparent that there was a lack of organisations in Leeds that provided a safe space for women  of colour to network and feel inspired by one and other.

Since then, Female Magik has had a variety of women on the podcast, sharing their stories. We have also had a number of events each with different motivational focus points.



Lorenz is our Content Adviser. With her background in graphic design her passion is everything creative and fashion. Lorenz is always on hand to connect the dots to make sure that Female Magik is always speaking about current affairs and assisting with some of our events. 

Saphire is at the forefront of our craft and design workshops, creating positive conversations with the ladies who take part. She is a mother of two, with a strong passion for change.

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