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Female Magik is here to help YOU make better life choices.

Our mission is to inspire women to become the champions of their own lives through wellbeing and job security.

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Our new, committed space to help you become the best version of yourself. 

Representation should be at the forefront of every company. Your wellbeing shouldn’t be compromised because of work commitments. Through our workshops, networking events and partnerships, we are solving the problem of the lack of representation for creatives and female founders in Leeds / the northern area. While also empowering women to nurture and prioritising their own wellbeing through new innovative practices that work for them.


We don't settle for mainstream practices, everything is

personalised, giving way for new ideas and practices.



Black and minority ethnic people in Leeds are twice as likely to be unemployed as their white counterparts


We are catering to the women who are still learning to love themselves; discovering their … and learning personalised ways to heal and grow.

THE FACTS: If you pay for conventional therapy AND business coaching, you could be spending over £1,500 per month.

Our membership brings you both, with a focus on personalised care and independence for £15 a month! 

Join Our membership to connect with like minded women in the North, sharing stories of healing and career growth.



We pride ourselves in heightening the voices of women of colour in the North of England.

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“your such an inspiration I honestly loved everything you spoke about it honestly touched back home to me✨.Keep on this please your such an inspiration .”

“Female Magik has allowed me to feel confident about myself, pushing me to finally pursue my dreams. ”

"I have never seen so many different faces in my hometown! Thank you for creating a space for everyone and spreading your positivity." 


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